Quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing materials to the stage of the final finished garment. Quality involves fabric, accessories, construction, colorfastness, design, and the finished garment.

Typically, a number of products are picked at random and the quality requirements are checked. To control the quality a number of pre-determined parameters are checked. Below follows a range standard parameter and defects that are examined before, during, and after the production. No matter how many pieces you produce, 200 or 5000, you should together with the manufacturer decide how to go about the quality control. Either totally by checking every single product or by spot-checking.

Use a Quality Control Specification Sheet. It should include the following:

  • Quality control before production – Materials
  • Quality control during production – Product making
  • Final quality control –Packing & assortments, Fabric defects, Workmanship defects, General defects, Measurement deviations

source: Apparel Entrepreneurship

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