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Welcome to ELI Fashion INC

ELI Fashion INC is a company based on Japanese technology skill provides inspection and repair work for fabric/garment, shoes, hats, leather accessories.

Our parent company is a professional company offer inspection and repair work for fabric/garment, shoes, hat, leather, accessories for over 52 years. Our parent company is in the apparel industry that offers high quality repair and inspection service to apparel manufacturers and distributors. It was founded in Japan in 1958 when it started its first inspection and repair. After almost 60 years’ development, it now has 41 factories in Asian countries such as Japan, China, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, etc.

We provide all kinds of fabric/garment inspection. Repair work includes clothing, shoes, hat, leather, goods, inferior-quality sewing, refurbishment, ironing, color correction, product secondary processing etc.

Our service in US market specialized in fabric/garment repair, inspection, needle inspection, ironing, distribution etc.

“I will contribute to society as a doctor in the fashion industry.”

—- Touka Kou
Founder & CEO

Our Services

We will help you to avoid paying high penalties due to quality issues and meet the original delivery date. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to give our advice and work our best for you!

  • ironing
  • distribution
  • repair work for any fabric/garment
    (clothing, shoes, hat, leather, accessories, goods)
  • quality improvement
    (product secondary processing, inferior-quality sewing, inferior- quality on accessories, refurbishment etc)
  • Remove stains
    (removal of coffee stains, ink stains and any other old stains that can not be removed from the dry cleaning store)
  • fabric/garment inspection
  • needle inspection
  • Changing name/care/size labels
  • Changing hang tags
  • Barcode stickering
  • Re-pressing
  • Folding and re-packing
  • Sanitizing and Sterilizing
  • Remove mold
  • Remove odor
  • Zipper fixing
  • repair work for uneven dyeing, flaws, stains creases, wrong weft dye migration, mold, bleeding, broken threads, discoloration, crease, knitting flaws, leather
  • removal of uneven dyeing at edges etc
  • product inspection
Why Customers Choose ELI Fashion INC?